Effective LinkedIn Marketing

An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Model

Since 2005, Graphic Memory has managed Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) and their contracting company Creative Maintenance Solutions (CMS) websites and social media marketing. IMS is an authorized distributor of Belzona industrial repair polymer products.

We have developed an easy-to-follow posting program working with Belzona’s marketing department for article and video materials and this distributor’s sales force. Simply by sharing the daily posts from their company LinkedIn newsfeed page to their connections once or twice a week has shown a marked increase in contact for them.

Being an entity that is “not needed until they’re needed”, the postings have created a top-of-mind” mentality to contact when an industrial emergency has arisen. The postings have been visually creative and relevant on numerous occasions generating a measurable sales increase where the distributors have retained this as part of their overall marketing strategy.