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Office 365 Plus. It’s Office the easy way.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Exchange Mail Services

The easiest and most reliable means to manage all of your Office and Outlook tools across multiple devices!

Graphic Memory has been a partner since 2008 with AppRiver for Office 365 subscription services for MS Office, hosted Exchange (Cloud) Mail, Sharepoint, Lynx . For years, AppRiver has been a leading provider of Secure Hosted Microsoft Exchange. Now, they’re putting that experience behind Microsoft Office 365 by adding the features that give you peace of mind knowing that you can be up and running smoothly, safely and with help available when you need it. Here’s what makes AppRiver’s Office 365 Plus service valuable:

  • 24×7 live access to email experts
  • Protection from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware
  • Email filtering that lets you see your held mail on your schedule
  • Backup email system in case your primary system is down for any reason
  • Email Migration Service guided by our own expert team

Of course, you also get the familiar, cloud-based Microsoft tools that allow you to:

Work Anywhere

Get all the same, rich Office features on your PC or Mac or Mobile Device from a native app or streamed live from the Web. And use SharePoint, SharePoint Online or SkyDrive Pro to store and share files with colleagues or among various devices.

Work Together

Communicate in real time using Lync. Collaborate on documents with SharePoint and use SkyDrive Pro to make them available wherever you are. You can also federate with Skype and hold face-to-face meetings in HD and from your mobile devices, sharing OneNote documents and attachments with ease.

Work Smarter

Manage all of your Office 365 services from a single sign-on console that shows the current health of related services. Add users, manage groups and get maintenance reminders and notices. You can also add security to all mobile devices and protect company data by remotely wiping devices and requiring additional I.D. verification. With AppRiver, you’ll also be assured of world-class security and Phenomenal Care™ — 24/7 US-based customer service available from company employees. Migration support is included and you can try Office 365 for 30 days with no obligation.

Spam Filtering Example

SecureTide Spam Filtering Service

Don’t Think Spam Is Significantly Affecting Your Labor Costs? Think Again!

Cost analysis based on 15 minutes wasted daily for a $10.00/hour employee in one month:

  • Average number of work days in month: 22 days
  • Lost productivity: .25 x $10.00 = $2.50
  • Total labor lost monthly: $2.50 x 22 = $55.00
  • Total cost of AppRiver Spam Filtering for one email box/month: $11.50
  • Savings: $43.50/month

Cost analysis based on 15 minutes wasted daily for 10 – $10.00/hour employees in one month:

  • Average number of work days in month: 22 days
  • Lost productivity: .25 x $10.00 = $2.50
  • Total labor lost monthly: 10 x ($2.50 x 22) = $550.00
  • Total cost of AppRiver Spam Filtering for ten email box/month: $25.00
  • Savings: $525.00/month

Excessive email spam is a problem most everyone will experience at some point or another.  Most hosting entities attempt to employ some kind of anti-spam software as part of their service. We’ve tried them all during our 15 year history. Even these have no hope of keeping up with the new versions and techniques spammers are using to flood digital mailboxes.

Graphic Memory has partnered with AppRiver’s SecureTide Spam Filtering, a cost-effective third-party mail filtering service that has eliminated the vast majority (up to 98%) of spam coming into their mailboxes. For as little as $11.50/mo., we can implement an effective spam filtering service that will eliminate the time consuming and aggravating task of keeping your email boxes free of spam.

One-time setup fee: $35.00; $10.00/mo. per mail domain ( + $1.50/email address

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