LinkedIn Marketing Services for Hampton Roads

Graphic Memory manages the below LinkedIn marketing services designed to build on the Business-to-Business sales model.  LinkedIn is the 17th most visited site in the world.  Apart from being an excellent source for finding employment candidates, it's social media styled platform is also a great venue to get in front of your targeted business audience. We have proven experience and results that it works. Give us a call at 757-728-0099 to see what we can do for you.

The Internet's B2B Platform

LinkedIn is the 17th most visited website on the planet. Used primarily as an effective job posting/hiring site, it has also become an effective B2B connections and marketing platform. Graphic Memory also offers assistance with setting up and managing a number of effective B2B marketing tools using LinkedIn as follows:

Detailed Information on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Creating A Strong LinkedIn Profile

It all starts with creating an account and completing the personal business profile for each member of your company or sales force team.  Graphic Memory performs a review of your company's staff status for existing accounts and guidance on implementing new and complete profiles.

Making Connections - LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn's search tool allows you to search and filter the 500 million+ member prospects you would like to connect and communicate with through various effective social media methods. When performed correctly and with a bit of patience – the results are substantial.

Search by person's name, company, or position within a specific region and make requests for connections with them.  These requests are typically agreed to by the requestee if they see there is a vertical or related business connection.  You'll also be surprised at how quickly you can build hundreds of connections in a short period of time.

LinkedIn offers a basic free connection platform but is limited in some tools listed below to make this marketing aspect more productive.

LinkedIn offers a basic free connection platform however, it is limited in some tools that LinkedIn charges on a subscription basis listed below that make this aspect of marketing  more productive.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

An annual subscription- based sales contact and lead management tool. Basically provides advanced connection tools between a salesperson and their ideal prospects based on title and other search criteria.

Benefits of Sales Navigator subscription over Free Connections:

  • InMail: Allows for direct messaging to the contact;
  • More search filters: You get an additional eight filters;
  • More saved searches: Very handy if you have a set of searches performed repeatedly;
  • More search results: You can see two hundred, four hundred or more;
  • Unlimited profile search: You will not need to worry about hitting LinkedIn’s arbitrary Commercial Search Limit;
  • Introductions: You can send a message to someone you would like to meet through a mutual LinkedIn connection;
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile visibility: You get more visibility into who has viewed your profile;
  • Automated lead recommendations and real time news insights on leads.

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LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as an industry expert. Also a strong lead generating tool when conducted correctly.

Connecting With Related Groups

We research and join on your behalf up to 50 related existing groups centered to your service region. We look to develop your sales personnel to get in the habit of contributing a message to each once a week.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Ads

Create specific ads that are pushed to your targeted audience. Graphic Memory creates targeted landing pages in relation to the ads message to be linked to for generating leads. The model works much like Google PPC with targeting your audience that sees the ad and setting a budget for paying for click-throughs.

Sponsored Update Ads - Sponsor Content ads are lead-ins to linked articles that appear in the news feeds of a targeted LinkedIn audience.  These ads link to a more detailed web page about a product or service and also allows for comment feedback to initiate engagement. Generated on a Cost-per-Click (CPC) model.

LinkedIn Text Ads
Simple ads served on the right-hand side or top of a LinkedIn desktop feed. Create PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bids to control spending your way.

Ads appear in the top right column of your homepage.  Clicking on these ads also link to a chosen landing page. More effective for branding than getting response.

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