Keeping Web Design Current

keeping your website presentation current for 2015

Keep Up With Ever Changing Web Design Trends

Design aesthetics change over time. Since around the 1940s to the 1950s, the general population’s tastes have been influenced by changing technology.  With the introduction of color television and the growing popularity of photography in advertising, styles changed pretty drastically. When computer aided design came to the forefront, another overhaul happened. For example, think of the vintage Coca-Cola ads with the hand drawn posters compared to the simplistic digital ads you see today. Big difference, right?

It’s the ability to update and roll with the times that gives a business an upper hand.

Showing your target audience you can stay professional and relevant can go quite a long way in building trust and brand recognition. This is not to say you need to toss aside your visual strategy to chase trends, staying current is simply updating to match social and technological growth.

In terms of keeping web design current, a grasp on the changing landscape is paramount. In the internet world web design standards change much faster. What may have been the latest and greatest in web design only two to three years ago may already be considered outdated now. It was just 2007 that the first iPhone was released starting the smartphone revolution that has created a need for mobile friendly websites.

Now, a large percentage of internet users are browsing via mobile device making a simplistic, responsive web design a necessity.  The social media push has caused a big upset as well, with the introduction of large screen-spanning graphics on almost every popular platform.

Finally, with desktop monitors and graphic technology constantly improving, websites are becoming wider and larger with more of an emphasis on high resolution design.

Aside from the technical reasons to update your look, a visual refresher can be the ticket to getting noticed in a sea of stale competitors. We tend to be overwhelmed these days by so much visual stimulation that typical advertisements or designs fall flat. Don’t be afraid to push out of your comfort zone and go a little different with your logo and web design. It’ll make for a striking presentation that will be remembered. Why be another Times New Roman logo when you can be unique?

By keeping up with how your customers are accessing information and what they like to see with their web design, you’ll have a constant advantage by offering what they need and how they need it. Ask Graphic Memory how you can take your company to the next level with a new logo or website design!