A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 4

By this point in our series, I have hopefully drilled in the importance of a strong visual presence. Now we are ready to discuss how that first impression image can seamlessly merge with the important information you need your site visitors to see. Home Is Where the Customer Is Think about some of the websites … Continue reading "A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 4"

Increasing Facebook Reach: Ads or Boosts?

Is the Free Ride Over? As many of us predicted for quite a long time, and then knew for quite a long time, organic (unpaid) reach on Facebook business pages is dwindling away. This leads many business owners to a great deal of frustration. Many are feeling that what used to be the best free … Continue reading "Increasing Facebook Reach: Ads or Boosts?"

Retail Promotions In-Store and Online

10 Retail Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Sales without “Discounting” These are ideas helpful on both an e-commerce site and a brick & mortar store: 1. Hand out a FREE sample of product with a special "2 for 1" offer - this enables your customer to get firsthand experience of your product AND the "2 … Continue reading "Retail Promotions In-Store and Online"

A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 3

We're to my favorite portion of this series, design! You know who you are, what you do, and you've laid claim to your place on the internet. Now it's time to really get creative and decide the visual message of your brand. Step 1 - Logo! A strong and professional logo is the number one … Continue reading "A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 3"

A Logical Perception about Online Customer Reviews

Online Customer Reviews Will Be More Relevant Over Time As a web design and marketing company, we constantly hear about online customer reviews becoming more of a standard part of any Internet marketing strategy in relation to search engine index rankings (also known as SERP’s). However, what seems to make sense for it being a … Continue reading "A Logical Perception about Online Customer Reviews"

Content Creation vs. Storytelling

Why Aren't People Interacting with My Social Media Posts? Good Writing and Good Storytelling are Not One in the Same Why aren't they sharing my pictures? What does Company X have that my company is lacking? If you find yourself asking these questions, you're far from alone. A lot of businesses in the Hampton Roads … Continue reading "Content Creation vs. Storytelling"

Local Marketing on the Internet

What Makes Sense For the Future of Local Marketing on the Internet? I've spent the last few months really digging into what Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird - and whatever other Google-inspired animal kingdom program means in its quest to take over the world. At this point, I would have to say Google certainly controls the Internet … Continue reading "Local Marketing on the Internet"

A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the initial steps we always recommend when starting a new website. At this point, you should have a clear vision of your company, your goals, and your budget. Let's cut to the chase and dive back in! Getting Technical Step 3 – Determine Your Hosting and Domain Management Criteria … Continue reading "A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 2"

Hashtag – You’re it!

What’s the Deal with #hashtags? Why do people and businesses load up their posts with these random words, phrases, acronyms, and so on? Well, it all started a long time ago…Back before Google and Bing became the genius search monsters that they now are. Before hashtagging was, well…a thing. Tags were used not only to … Continue reading "Hashtag – You’re it!"

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