Business Email for Dummies

Business Email Can be Confusing.... In this day and age where texting and shortcode are the norm, it can be difficult to maintain proper business email etiquette. Although there are schools of thought in regards to the necessity of proper grammar and content composition within an email, I do maintain there are some guidelines to … Continue reading "Business Email for Dummies"

The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

With the last several blog articles from me concentrating on the changes in Internet marketing, we take care of a lot of the aspects of it for our clients internally. However, there is one important aspect of marketing that the client must take on for themselves when it comes to gaining positive online customer reviews. … Continue reading "The Importance of Online Customer Reviews"

So You Want A Website… A Starter Guide to Web Development Part 1

You've got a fantastic product or service, your business is strong and it’s time to step up your online presence. Where do you start? Web development constitutes a wide range of factors to consider. In my next few posts, I’d like to talk about the process of web development from start to finish. It’s a … Continue reading "So You Want A Website… A Starter Guide to Web Development Part...

2015 SEO Trends – It’s a Living Entity

SEO Is a Living Entity... Search Engine Optimization - SEO - is a living entity which is ever changing.  2015 SEO trends, updates, and strategies will be constantly evolving. 2014 saw over a dozen major updates to Google’s algorithm, according to Moz. This is not counting small changes that occur almost daily behind the scenes, only the noticeable ones. … Continue reading "2015 SEO Trends – It’s a Living Entity"

Is Facebook For Business Pulling a Myspace?

Many platforms that have been 100% free for years and years are now turning into ad-driven platforms.  This means that they are changing the algorithm that determines what pops up in any users’ newsfeeds. Facebook for Business, Public Figure and Fan pages have seen dramatic drops in organic reach.  Organic reach is how many people see … Continue reading "Is Facebook For Business Pulling a Myspace?"

Small Business Content Marketing – Is It Affordable?

Small Business Content Marketing I started my blog series a couple of months back wanting to talk about various aspects of  conveying the true cost of developing an effective website.  It is clear that small business content marketing cannot be ignored. Although we have long sensed the changes that have come for SEO and Internet marketing, … Continue reading "Small Business Content Marketing – Is It Affordable?"

Flexibility and Social Media Success

One surefire way to fail at social media is to be set in your ways. Not only do content trends change constantly, but actual platform usage and effective posting frequency change often as well. If you create a strategy and never make adjustments, you are just asking to flop. Let your social media strategy be … Continue reading "Flexibility and Social Media Success"

The “Secret Code” to SEO and Social Media

Word on the street is that SEO and social media specialists keep the “secret code” of optimization to themselves instead of educating their clients. But the cold hard truth is – there is no secret code. Search engine optimization is about analyzing your site’s visitors – not chasing Google and Bing. Social Media Is A … Continue reading "The “Secret Code” to SEO and Social Media"

Developing Website Content and It’s Costs

In my continuing series on “How Much Should a Website Cost” we’ll talk about one of the most critical aspects of website project cost – the development of content.  Guess what?  In the Internet marketing world – content is king! However, guess what aspect of Internet marketing is the most difficult for our clients to … Continue reading "Developing Website Content and It’s Costs"