5 Key Steps to Online Marketing

General Steps to Online Marketing There are multitudes of details involved with effective online Internet marketing these days. However, these five general steps to online marketing are presented as a means of developing the focus of your business marketing campaign. Identify Your Target Market Step one in any marketing strategy, including online marketing, is to identify the … Continue reading "5 Key Steps to Online Marketing"

Domain Names – What You Need To Know for 2015

A few weeks back I had written about some of the shady practices some registrars employ to earn revenues. I figured I'd stay on the subject of domain names with some primary pointers to keep in mind when considering one to register for your website.  We will cover naming points and SEO considerations. What Are Domain … Continue reading "Domain Names – What You Need To Know for 2015"

Social Media Trends, Rules, and Expectations Change

Social Media Trends & Symbiosis As many business owners and organization leaders may have noticed, social media trends, rules, and expectations change about as capriciously as the direction of the wind.  One truth remains, however.  Social media is an absolutely necessary component of marketing these days.  Customers/clients associate a strong, interactive, and interesting social media … Continue reading "Social Media Trends, Rules, and Expectations Change"

The Importance of Online Business Directories

Online business directories listings are an important element in a marketing strategy to make it easier for people to find your business on the internet. These directories directly impact your website domain popularity by increasing backlinks to your site, which in turn places you higher in search engine results and gets your business better online … Continue reading "The Importance of Online Business Directories"

Suspect Domain Name Renewal “Invoices”

It's Not A Legitimate Domain Name Renewal Process So you get what looks like an invoice in the mail that your domain name renewal is due. You know you have one and send in the payment not thinking twice about it.  A few months later you get another notice saying that - again - your domain … Continue reading "Suspect Domain Name Renewal “Invoices”"

Social Media Today – From Words to Pictures

A Social Media Chronicle Since the dawn of social media’s time, we have been using text to convey our messages.  Most platforms have allowed for other media too…Pictures, videos, etc.  It seems like with every passing day (and passing platform) however, that audiences are craving more visual stimulation!  Not too many years ago, when you … Continue reading "Social Media Today – From Words to Pictures"

WordPress Child Themes – Why They are So Important

The beauty of WordPress, the part that makes me love it so much, is the ability to customize pretty much any piece of a theme to your heart’s content. The downside however, is if the appropriate steps aren't followed, you’re in for a world of headache and trouble down the road. This is where the … Continue reading "WordPress Child Themes – Why They are So Important"

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