Domain Name Registration Management Services

enom domain name registry

Graphic Memory manages many of its client's domains through the national registrar entity - Enom.

For those who look to us as their total web management company, there are several advantages for having us manage your domain name(s) for the following reasons:

Our Client's Domains Don't "Fall Through the Crack"

Over the years, we have had frequent panicked phone calls from a client saying their website is down only to find they missed or ignored the registrars email notifications that it was about to expire and to renew or their credit card on file expired.  Once the expiration date passes, the domain goes inactive and associated website and email goes down.

Graphic Memory sets our client's domain names to automatically renew before expiration. Our billing system invoices via email typically 30 days prior to the domain's renewal date serving as the notification to the client.  We will stop the renewal and cancel the invoice if the client contacts us to do so before the expiration date and thus cancelling the invoice.

If contacted after the expiration date that you no longer want to keep the domain, we will still have to keep the invoice active as a final as we have been charged for your domain by the registrar and they do not do refunds.

Transfer of Domains

Graphic Memory charges a flat $45.00 fee for conducting a domain transfer from one registrar to another - no matter the registrar.

For instances where a domain is transferred to the Enom registry, Enom will append one year to the existing expiration date. This also means an additional one year $25.00 fee will also be invoiced with that domain transfer.

Ownership of the Domain

Graphic Memory's policy is to always set the registrant and administrative contact info to reflect our client's - not ours or any other entity with few exceptions.

Ownership of the Domain (cont.)

We also ensure both are registered with an email address that the client does not anticipate ever changing in the future. Ownership verification and control are conducted through that set email address for the domain.

Typically, Graphic Memory will list itself as the billing and technical contact for your domain, however registrant/administrative is regarded as the owner authority.

Avoid Scams

There are numerous entities that have gotten away with being legitimate, although we find nefarious, registrar services that send you what appears to be an invoice for your domain renewal.  In the fine print, it says it is not a bill, but many of our client's bookkeepers have, nonetheless, sent a payment thinking they have renewed the company's website domain name.

These registries will perform a refund if you call them or follow their "special" instructions for one. We suppose this is how they continue to get away with it legally. It's a money generation numbers game for them as we've found many don't feel it is worth the time to pursue the $35.00 on average refund.

Domain Registry of America and Domain Listings are just a couple of recent entities that operate in this manner.  Throw them in the trash... which brings us to the next point:

Consolidate Billing

We are a full service Internet company offering most services you need to be effectively online. Why not have all of your web services come from one billing entity if the service is reliable and competitively priced?