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Graphic Memory adopted the open-source WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform in 2013 for all of its website development. We have since successfully developed hundreds of websites with this platform that allows small businesses to possess a powerful and flexible web presence they can easily manage themselves.

Benefits of a WordPress Website:
  • Open Source Platform - A free-to-use open source platform with thousands of affordable vendor-based plugins making it possible to expand or build a website for any purpose;
  • Non-Proprietary - meaning that WordPress website files and database are portable and can easily be moved from one server or webmaster entity to another - this is IMPORTANT!;
  • Built for Mobile Responsiveness - WordPress themes are ideal for developing websites that automatically reformat to various viewing devices;
  • Economical Powerful Plug-ins - Thousands of 3rd-party developed plug-ins covering functions, marketing, processes, and security;
  • Intuitive Browser Admin - WordPress offers an intuitive website administration through a browser allowing our clients to manage content of their websites using us for back-up support.
  • Long-Term Stable Platform - Internet technology changes constantly and rapidly. WordPress has proven to be relevant for the foreseeable future.
WordPress Theme Development

Our method of WordPress development involves installing the core open-source platform files to start the process.  There are various options to follow on how the design foundation is built depending on the developers preference or expertise.

A level above a theme, for instance, would be a framework.  Frameworks are internal development platforms giving the designer access to applying tools and code.

However, from our experience, we have adopted a policy of custom developing our client's themes applying directly to the core of WordPress. 

Regardless, a "theme" is then applied to a framework or to the core from which the pages and functionality of the site is developed from.

Themeforest.Com and several other WordPress theme develops offer thousands of great looking and functional WordPress themes to purchase and apply to the WordPress core. We have purchased several of them in the past.

WordPress Theme Development (cont.)

All Graphic Memory websites have been developed by the same long-term core of company WordPress developers following a consistency in development that has several advantages:

  • 3rd-party purchased themes are not always developed or supported well by the vendor.  Frequent bugs with little help to resolve;
  • 3rd-party themes and associated plug-in security patches are not always kept up with by the vendor;
  • Theme updates are consistently updated with our develops who created them;
  • Graphic Memory has tested and employed a solid list of quality and reliable website plug-ins. We consistently use these for all client website development;
  • Technical issues are easier to identify and resolve because of consistency in core development
WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress plugins encompass specific or multi-function modules to "plug-in" to a WordPress theme. Functional plug-ins are photo or video sliders, web page body layout builders, photo galleries, calendar of events, e-commerce shopping carts, website forms and much more. Security plugins enhance blocking hacking attempts and other malicious attacks. Marketing plug-ins enhance a website's search engine optimization (SEO) and also encompass social media, as well.

There are also multiple different plug-in vendors that create the same functionalities for WordPress.  For instance, there are  a good 30+ plug-ins for a wide variety of photo gallery presentations alone. Knowing which ones are reliable, long-term and consistently updated and easy-to-use for our end-users is something Graphic Memory has been able to establish over time.

We use the same set of proven SEO, homepage primary slider, page layout builder, website form, photo gallery, e-commerce, and security plug-ins for all of our web development projects.

WordPress Website Hosting

Like anything with the Internet, nothing is infallible and all aspects of it has its weaknesses including WordPress. However, over our 20+ year history, WordPress has proven to have a major reduction in functional and security issues to continually tackle than other platforms we have worked with in the past.

Our history of hosting WordPress websites on our company web servers has presented a wide range of challenges over the years.  We have managed to address each one of them to the point that today we are able to  offer a solid safe hosting experience for our clients.

If you have possessed a WordPress website for your business or organization over an extended time period, you may have experienced frequent service or site functionality interruptions that your host cannot or will say is outside of their scope to resolve.

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