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Graphic Memory possesses dedicated company web servers through national ISP InMotionHosting (IMH). InMotionHosting is rated as a top 10 website hosting service provider in the country with their corporate and support headquarters here locally in Virginia Beach, Va.

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Real Life Scenario

Website hosting has been a basic service offered by Graphic Memory since its founding. Our decades of experience have taught us some things about Internet hosting security and management that are surprisingly not included or offered by most general national Internet service providers (ISP's).

In the Spring of 2018, there was a global spike in hacks to WordPress websites due to plugin vulnerabilities exploited heavily at the time by hackers.  We started receiving phone calls from local businesses concerned because their websites were not displaying any longer through their host.  We were surprised to find they were hosted with a couple of different national website entities that advertise their services heavily on TV.

When they called their support, they were first asked if they had a backup of their website anywhere as they had not purchased backup services through them.  Most assumed this was a built-in host service feature and it is not.

The host support was saying they hope they did because their website got hacked and they DELETED THEIR WEBSITE rather than risk the spread of viruses and/or other malicious to other sites on their server.

A few did not have a backup, no longer had access to their past web designer and were more or less forced to have another website developed for them.

These host entities have a lot of resources for ensuring blocking intrusions to their servers themselves, however not so for - and not responsible for - vulnerabilities to a hosted website itself on their server. The attacks on WordPress sites fell within that scenario.

If you have experienced this yourself or know someone who has with their WordPress website, we invite you talk to us about optimizing your hosting service.

Server Intrusion Security

ALL web server's are subject to continual vulnerability attacks at all times of the day - especially from foreign entities.  Graphic Memory employs a more robust and highly effective server intrusion software where we have blocked access from most countries known for hacking attacks.

Most websites hosted on our server are WordPress - arguably the most popular industry-standard website foundation out there.

Server Intrusion Security (cont.)

We also employ WordPress security plug-ins as a second layer block from hacks.

We also employ automatic WordPress core, theme and plugin updates as they become available to our webmaster-managed clients. These updates often patch critical security holes found in each of these three areas of WordPress.

Website Backup

As pointed out above, most ISP host services DO NOT provide website backup services as part of their base host service.  Most will want to charge an additional service fee for ensuring continual backup of your website's files and database.

Graphic Memory has the following back-up schedule for all client hosted websites that includes all webfiles, database(s) and cPanel included with our hosting:

  • Three Most Recent Daily backed-up;
  • One weekly backup;
  • One monthly backup

Sites Managed With the Intuitive cPanel Interface

Our clients who elect to use POP/IMAP e-mail services included with their hosting can manage email addresses and email forwarding through an icon based menu within a secure cPanel admin.

Those with familiarity with web hosting can also manage databases, traffic stats and a host of other tools.

Dedicated VPS Client Servers

Graphic Memory can also assist with the setup and management of client's who require a more robust hosting environment for a number of reasons. Economical packages available - call us to discuss if this option is right for your business.


Business Presence Hosting - $24.95/month (Invoiced $299.40 annually)


  • 1 Gb of hard drive space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited POP/IMAP e-mail addresses
  • Site Backups
  • Advanced server security

Some e-commerce and large data resource websites are invoiced at additional rates although an exception to the rule.  If your requirements exceed the parameters above, call us at 757-728-0099 for more information.

Responsive Support

Our website hosting features 24/7 support 365 days a year - call 757-728-0099 for support.