Social Media Marketing Management

Managed Social Media Posting Services

With 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, the power of building and staying in front of a targeted Facebook audience can be crucial for certain business entities. Graphic Memory provides several scheduled Facebook and other social media platform posting services tailored to fit your business model.

Retail, dining, nightlife and any entity that relies on constant dissemination of new event, product, dish, special or sale information to their customer base, then being in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is critical. The obvious recommendation is for developing continual daily to multiple days per week monitoring and creative postings to their news feed accounts.

Other entities such as roofers, home remodelers, window tinters, auto repair or body shops are also naturally good sources of posting material.

Well managed company Facebook pages display frequent results of your work, mark employee work anniversaries or birthdays, company milestones and events, product or service related infographics, videos and more with just a little bit of cooperation between the client and our staff.
Telling It Like It is...
However, this cooperation is key to having a successful Facebook presence.  In order to put together an effective and affordable posting package our social media client's have to be either:

  • A small business with a strong staff that can develop a culture of providing photos and bullet point detail materials on a continual basis;
  • One with the means or resources to have us do the legwork obtaining and developing it for you;

If you think about it, this doesn't work without fitting either of the above scenarios.  If your company has the fortitude to meet the challenge, then by all means call 757-728-0099 to discuss how we can market through these powerful platforms.

Facebook Retargeting Ads
facebook retargeting ad services

As part of our continual Internet marketing for a local Hampton Roads law firm, we implemented an economical Facebook retargeting ad campaign for them in 2019. We created several Facebook approved graphical ads and implemented scripting to their law firm website.

The law firm’s ads then appear in the website visitor’s Facebook news feed for up to a week after the site has been visited. Reporting shows great response and conversions to phone calls to the firm. This marketing can also be expanded to display across a large network of popularly visited websites across the Internet.

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Facebook Custom Audience Ads

Certain industries are allowed by Facebook to target ads to a custom audience. It involves uploading a custom contact database to Facebook that puts your ads specifically in front of that custom audience. A fairly complex, but highly effective marketing platform if you meet Facebooks requirements.