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You Focus On Your Business - We Focus On Your Website

We have literally viewed thousands of neglected websites for many local businesses and organizations in our region that are in desperate need of some TLC! There are many cases where simple graphics and content reformatting can be performed within a few hours of time by one of our design professionals resulting in a positive difference in your online presentation.

We understand small business challenges and these sites probably fall into the following categories:

  • Overworked business owner or manager having a hard time of keeping up with the company’s website either themselves or others in the organization.
  • 1&1, Intuit, SuperMedia or other build-it-yourself website platform letting you down or you just don’t have time to keep up with or complete what you started.
  • Trying to maintain a hard-to-use Content Management System (CMS) website where you log in and maintain page content yourself.
  • Cannot afford current webmaster’s fees for simple updates.
  • Can’t remember who the current webmaster is or have vanished from contact.
  • Had someone on staff who was HTML-savvy and no longer have that resource.
Simple Content and Photo Updates

Many sites just need to be updated with new text and/or photo information concerning staff, services and products, hours of operation, addresses and emails, etc… In most cases these updates can be done within 15 minutes – thus we only charge in 15 minute increments at our currently hourly rate of $85.00/hr.

Webpage Content Development

Your need may be that you have a published website with a lot of empty pages or need pages added. Graphic Memory has developed a structured process of developing content by our professional writers for websites that includes a research and/or interview process – depending on content needed.

Your website’s pages should satisfy a visitors questions about the who, what, why, how and where’s of your business. The goal is to convey a balance of content that gets the company’s main points across effectively, is not overbearing, is written with a marketing flavor that reads well, and also satisfies the requirements of content development for effective search engine placement.

Visit these client website's navigation and internal page layout and content. Compare it to most others you see pit together in our region. You'll notice a remarkable difference that has equated to much better search engine results:

The Law Offices of John W Lee, PC
Denbigh Law Center
Advanced Marine Preservation
Alphatec Surveyors
Professional Heating & Cooling of VA
Blackwater Electric Co.
Virginia Landscapes – Hardscape Services
Advanced Technologies Full-Scale Models

Tell Us Your Requirements and we’ll respond with a fair and affordable estimate to complete your website.